Industrial Site & Equipment Surveys Enhance Improvements and Maintenance

Some of the oldest and most established industrial facilities necessary to support life and our economy are located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. One such site covers more than 300 acres and has provided refining, storage, and distribution of chemicals and petroleum products for over one hundred years.

Working to Maintain an
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We’ve provided a wide range of services to help this facility’s owner and operator with maintenance, site improvement, and regulatory compliance for many years.

Part of our role has been to perform detailed site and equipment surveys, hydrographic surveys and bathymetric surveys. These efforts have helped with bulk liquid tank structural integrity and construction, as well as improvements to piping and wastewater treatment systems.

Our clients’ transportation infrastructure has also benefitted: shipping wharf improvements, rail improvements, and rail siding connections to major railways such as Conrail and CSX for purposes of product distribution.