Giving Engineers Essential Tools for Expanding New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway

The Garden State Parkway is New Jersey’s main north-south artery that takes drivers from the New York state border down to Cape May at the state’s southernmost tip.

Vacationers and residents traveling to any of the state’s shore side locations are all too familiar with the high volume of summer traffic that tries to navigate the narrow roadway. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has been aggressively working to alleviate the congestion problem, increase driver safety, and improve residents’ quality of life by widening the existing roadway and bridges, and adding new travel lanes.

Helping Make Jersey Shore Travel A Day At The Beach

After being contracted by the Turnpike Authority, Borbas Surveying and Mapping provided an extensive assessment not only of the roadway itself, but the adjacent areas and structures.

The core of the assignment was to create detailed drawings of existing road and bridge conditions to help all parties align on the assessment as well as to give the structural engineers a set of plans they could work from and refer to.

Beyond the concrete roadway, we created right-of-way, wetland, and topographic mapping to environmental and wetland scientists to ensure protection of the fragile salt marshes along the parkway.

To contend with bodies of water, topographic surveying was done to help engineers safely construct new bridge supports. Hydrographic/bathymetric surveys of bays and rivers to support the study of scour analysis of bridge piers were also conducted.

In addition to just doing the work, we needed to make sure we didn’t add to the traffic problem. We carefully coordinated our work schedules with those of the state police and traffic safety personnel to ensure we did not cause interruptions during peak traffic, as well as to maintain a safe environment for employees and motorists.

In the end, we were able to provide digital drawing files compatible with all construction and engineering team members’ computer systems to support their design and deliverables of construction and contract documents.