October 13, 2016

Community News

The Mentors of MACURISA 2016

Since 2004 the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Urban & Regional Information Systems Association has been hosting events to provide GIS practioners and other professionals in this region a means to expand and share their knowledge as it relates to geospatial data, systems and their own work. This year, two of our staff will be at the conference held at Resorts hotel in Atlantic City to share their specialized and expert knowledge.

Company president Peter Borbas, PLS, PP, will be presenting a session entitled “Anatomy of a Boundary”. Peter is a recognized court expert. His topics will include discussing the differences between GIS parcel lines and legal boundaries. He will delve into the process for the retracement of a legal boundary.

John Beattie, PLS, CFM will be teaching a session entitled “Regulated Wetlands as Legal Boundaries”.John’s presentation will include discussing the new NJDEP digital submission requirements and specifications for wetland applications.

These presentations show how not only are members of the Borbas team well versed in their body of knowledge, but that they are willing to spread this knowledge to all practioners and professionals for the improvement of the GIS industry as a whole.

Peter states ”my long time involvement with MACURISA, ACSM, GLIS and the New Jersey Geospatial Forum has helped me to understand that all the geospatial constituency groups need to work more closely together for each other’s benefit, not everyone can be a surveyor and surveying is the base for any GIS. It is also important to me to understand the specific needs of our clients when it comes to delivering digital spatial data”.