December 5, 2017


Instant Airspace Authorization is Here

A major change has finally come to the commercial drone industry. In collaboration with AirMap, the FAA has given the ability to get instant flight approval for Part-107 users in controlled airspace. Previously, flight approval (or disapproval) could have taken 3 months; having streamlined the process shows a lot of promise for this new technology. So what does this mean for Borbas and their clients? Borbas can now structure workflow for applicable projects to get faster results and added deliverables to our clients. Our team which includes four FAA certified UAV Drone pilots, has done extensive research and project development to be able to provide beneficial digital data files and deliverables. We recommend that if you have the need for aerial mapping services, stay with a licensed surveyor certified to fly commercially and not a hobbyist drone pilot. Our certified team has developed health and safety procedures and is fully insured to fly our drones. As professional surveyors, the resources Borbas has access to is unmatched, and our clients recognize us for our proven value.

For more information about the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability system (LAANC) visit