What does your company do?

Borbas  Surveying  and  Mapping  provides  very  high  quality  professional  services and  products to support major industrial and commercial environmental compliance, investigation and remediation.  We also provide surveying  and  mapping  to support design of transportation infrastructure improvements whether they be railroads,  highways, airports or shipping.  Because of the high level of education, experience and expertise at Borbas, we like to provide our services in support of very unique situations and problems.

What types of clients do you work for?

Our high level of education, experience, and expertise enable the Borbas team to support very unique situations and problems for:

  • Government agencies and departments
  • Oil, chemical, and energy companies
  • Environmental engineers, geologists, and site remediation professionals and contractors
  • Design, civil, transportation, and structural engineers
  • Aerial mapping companies, photogrammetrists
  • Redevelopment agencies
  • Law firms and courts

What safety training and certifications does your company have?

Borbas’ team members have the following training and certifications:

  • OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER with current 8-hour refreshers
  • OSHA Site Supervisor
  • Confined Space
  • Air Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention Systems (LPS) 8-hour with current refreshers
  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • New Jersey State Police Boating Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • Railroad Safety

Where does your company work?

We understand that political borders do not necessarily bind our clients’ businesses; therefore, Borbas Surveying and Mapping is registered to perform professional services in multiple states. We have worked with clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware,  Maryland, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Indiana.

What size project will you work on?

We have projects that we have been working on for 20 years for some clients. Some of our project tasks are small, around $1,000. Some of our projects that we provide services for are in the many millions of dollars. We have surveyed sites smaller than one acre lots and provided control surveys over 1,200 square miles.

Are you a small business?

Yes, we meet the federal requirements for a small business. We are registered in the State of New Jersey as a Category 2 Small business.

Have you teamed with prime contractors for the federal government work?

Yes we have; Borbas is an excellent choice for teaming. We have teamed on work for the Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, Departments of Transportation, Highway Authorities, and more. We have a System for Award Management (SAM) registration (formerly Central Contract Registration, CCR), meet all federal requirements, and our team members have federal security credentials.

Do you have the appropriate insurance  coverage to work on my project?

Chances are, yes! Borbas carries extensive coverage to be able to work for the world’s largest companies. Call us and we can provide you with a sample certificate.

Do you provide GPS (global positioning system) surveys?

Yes, all of our work is GIS-compatible. We can provide you with drawings, tables, maps, and reports that can be directly imported into your GIS. Peter Borbas is the immediate past president of the Geographic and Land Information Society and the chair of the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors GIS/LIS Committee.

Do you provide hydrographic or bathymetric surveys?

Yes, we own and operate our own vessel equipped with sonar and RTK GPS. We provide true project elevations (NAVD88) as opposed to just depths below the water surface.   Most of our hydrographic and bathymetric work is for inland harbors, bays,  rivers, shipping channels, tidal creeks, and inland ponds and lakes.

Do you perform dam surveys and monitoring?

Yes. We survey and monitor dams with highly accurate digital levels, one-second theodolites, and GPS receivers that can measure to the millimeter level. We provide bathymetric surveys of the land under the water behind the dams.

Do you perform or provide aerial mapping surveys?

Many states require that a topographic survey, whether prepared by aerial, terrestrial or hydrographic means, be under the direct supervision of a professional licensed land surveyor. Borbas contracts with experienced flight teams to obtain high resolution remote sensing imagery. We currently are partnering with a UAV drone team which has an FAA certificate of authorization (COA) to fly and obtain imagery. Our in-house team ASPRS certified photogrammetrist (and pilot) processes the imagery and other remote sensing data. Borbas establishes the parameters of the aerial photography to meet the client’s needs and expectations, as well as the ground control and the quality assurance of the aerial mapping. We will deliver the certified, signed, and sealed mapping of the final product. Conversely, aerial acquisition and mapping companies (national and international) come to Borbas for our expertise in ground control surveys to support their mapping projects for their clients. We are in the process of testing and developing UAV systems and procedures in anticipation that the FAA will permit surveyors to fly drones in the very near future.

Do you prepare FEMA flood elevation certificates?

Yes, your particular situation can be very unique. There are different types of flood zones, determinations and building construction. Depending on where you are and what you are doing, you may want not just a flood elevation certificate, but also possibly a letter of map amendment to remove you from the requirement of flood insurance. We can help you navigate your way through these murky waters.

Do you perform ALTA/ACSM-certified boundary title surveys?

Yes, Borbas chooses to use this nationally accepted standard for all boundary surveys. There are minimum standard details and a number of options to choose from in an ALTA/ACSM- certified survey. We can help you decide which options are best for your needs.

Do you provide residential title surveys for mortgages and closings?

Not generally, unless it is part of a greater project for a client. We can refer you to other professionals we know who specialize in these types of surveys.

What is the best way to contact you? Who should I speak with at Borbas Surveying and Mapping?

We believe that a real-time, one-on-one conversation is the best way to start. Email us existing mapping, figures, data, specifications, or other information that you have and call us to speak about it. You will be directed to one of our senior project managers who will understand your particular needs. If your particular question has not been answered here, please call us! We are very helpful, knowledgeable and resourceful. Solutions begin with asking questions; no question is too insignificant!